Planning Day 12/28/14

Spent this afternoon planning some new pieces for the next week.  If you see one you like and would like to request it as a custom order, please contact me through this site or through Etsy.  I will also be accepting customs on a first come, first serve basis starting today for 2015.



New Stones 11/3/14

A huge variety of smaller turquoise stones arrived this week!  All high quality from a variety of mines including Candelaria, Bisbee and Lone Mountain.  If one catches your eye, contact me through the contact form here or through Etsy to start your custom piece!


Available Stones Update 9/30/14

It’s a beautiful fall day and perfect for photographing! I gathered up all my stones that have no plans for them yet to photograph for y’all. If you see one or maybe two that catch your eye, feel free to contact me through the contact form on this site, or through etsy, to discuss a custom order. Remember, Christmas is coming up fast and now is the perfect time to start planning. I will only be able to take on so many custom orders during the Christmas season, so if you are considering a piece for a loved one (or yourself, because treat yo’ self!) it’s best to start planning soon!

First up, we have my newest shipment of turquoise stones. These are all high quality pieces with fantastic color and matrix coming from a variety of American Mines.  A few of these are no longer available.


Next up we have a shot featuring some agates, amazing labradorites, some unique indian paint stone, and a single pyrite cluster.


This bottom four and top right of this photo are Owyhee Jaspers.  Then from top left to right, the remaining three are zebra stone, tiger tail jasper, and Deschutes picture Jasper.


These turquoise stones are mostly larger and great for a statement ring.  They are all natural and a nice light blue to blue green.  All come from unknown mines, except for the middle which is Carico Lake, and the bottom right which is Kingman birdseye.


Finally, we have a nice variety of turquoise and variscite stones.  The light blue and brown matrix stones are stabilized #8 Mine turquoise. The green and black are variscite from Nevada. The bottom mint green cab is variscite from Lucin.  The teardrop turquoise cab is natural Blue Gem and the vivid blue spiderweb stone is from the Yungaii Mine in China.


Morning Sketching

I spent the morning jotting down some designs that have been floating around in my head. I’m very excited about these! If you are interested in any of these designs, send me a message through etsy or the contact form on this blog to talk about any changes and reserve it for you! Click the photo for a larger view.


New Large Turquoise Stones Available!


Got a lovely shipment of turquoise cabochons in this week!  The top left is a completely unique Pilot Mountain turquoise with a beautiful matrix pattern.  The other are from an old stock collection from Nevada- mines unknown but they are beautiful nonetheless! As always, just email me through the contact form with any inquiries.



So I might have gone a little over board on my trip to the gem show today.  I came home with a lot of truly amazing labradorite cabochons that I can’t wait to work with.  Luckily, I got there at the beginning of the show, and got first pick of this vendor’s new labradorite shipment.  Pretty sure I bought all the best ones!  If you are interested in having a piece of jewelry made with any of these cabochons please contact me through the form on my customs page, or through Etsy.


IMG_4046 IMG_4030(1)



Natural Blue Moon Turquoise. These small light blue turquoise stones are ideal for earrings and small rings. Email me for information on turning these stones into your perfect custom jewelry piece.